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3 Missing Reasons Why You Aren’t Getting Pregnant

by Kodiak Soled, Certified Clinical Herbalist and Maternity Nutritionist

You’ve paid for all the tests, you’ve seen the best specialist in the state, and you’re doing everything your TTC (trying to conceive) and fertility social media groups recommend to do. So why are you not getting pregnant?

There is more to conceiving a baby than a positive ovulation outcome, a sea of eggs hibernating in your ovaries, or the right levels of estrogen and progesterone hormones circulating about your body.

Our body’s intelligence to produce life is astounding and many times our inability to conceive is for a good reason: our bodies are smarter than our brains. Mammals innately want to pass on only the best genetic traits to our offspring. When the building blocks to create a healthy baby are deficient in our own bodies, we will preserve our own health over using our depleted reserves to create a compromised, new one.

Even if you’ve been at this for years. You feel like you have tried everything and nothing has worked. I urge you to not give up and contemplate what pieces may be missing for you.

Here are 3 pieces to the puzzle that Dr. Google won’t tell you about that can increase your body’s natural ability to become pregnant and maintain a healthy pregnancy:

  1. Make Space

Have you ever noticed if you don’t set your alarm clock for 1 hour earlier in the morning, you don’t exercise for that day? Or if you don’t go grocery shopping, you don’t make that homemade meal you promised yourself you would start preparing? Surprise, surprise! That principle applies to making a baby too.

When we live at high speed and don’t create the space necessary for a baby to enter into our lives, it doesn’t spontaneously happen either.

You may think of this as the energetic forces of the universe. Or you can interpret this as your worn out body in adrenal fatigue. This happens when cortisol levels are chronically elevated via compromising sleep or living with stress at a roiling boil.  There is something that transforms when intentional time is set to make room to create life. This can look like: a spiritual practice of meditation, a hot-stone massage, writing letters to your future child, making a homemade dinner and sitting down to enjoy it at night with your boo, or whatever this means to you.

  1. Listen to your Body

Do you have chronic headaches? Painful periods? Digestive problems? Insomnia?

The root cause of all these symptoms could also be a potential cause of your infertility. Many times there are vitamin or mineral deficiencies that can prevent a pregnancy from taking hold. If your body doesn’t have the basic building blocks of what it needs to function, how can we expect it to feed a growing baby?

If the concept of listening to your body feels foreign to you, start with small steps.

For example, before you go out to lunch, sit for a moment and try to feel what your body wants. Not just what your growling belly is yelling at you for, but what your body is actually craving.

Or when your hit that 3 pm wall, try tapping into what your body is actually telling you. Is it asking you for a cup of caffeine or are you simply dehydrated? Do you need a quick 20 minute refreshing nap? Are you having a blood sugar crash from a carb-heavy lunch?

Start by paying attention. You might not “hear” anything right away, but over time you can develop an ear for knowing what your body is telling you.

  1.  Practice your Bliss

When you are doing things that make you happy, several things start happening that promote ideal circumstances for conceiving: better sleep, better states of mood, and better sex.

How does this happen? When we fill our lives with things that bring us joy, we are more likely to have decreased cortisol levels which can promote more restful sleep and cheerfulness. Sleep is critical for our body to repair cells and regulate hormones, especially leptin, a key hormone that affects ovulation.

The catch 22? Insomnia, depression, and anxiety can easily set in the longer someone is TTC which further prevents pregnancy because of the impact it can take on one’s sex life, relationships, sense of self worth, et cetera.

Live your life with joy, feel connected in your relationships, and indulge in spontaneous, passionate moments with your boo (not just during the fews days of the month you are ovulating). You are not only promoting a positive feedback loop that supports your health, but optimal states of fertility too!

I challenge you to take a little time this weekend to contemplate and map out how you can make more space in your life to listen to your body and do the things that feed your soul. You may just find yourself happier and pregnant.

Let me know in the comments or reach out to me directly if you have any questions or concerns!

Kodiak Soled, aka the Maternity Maven, supports expectant and new mamas with a mindful and Real Food approach to nutrition and holistic medicine. She has studied proven traditional practices and protocols as well as modern scientific research and medicine, which has resulted in her safe and effective, systematic approach to maternal and reproductive health. She supports mamas all over the world with her 6-Step Transformational Approach, which includes: nutrition therapy, botanical medicine, food-based supplements, stress management, lifestyle changes, and community building. Kodiak has dedicated her life to supporting women transitioning into motherhood because she deeply believes nourished mothers raise nourished children who grow up and change the world.

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