Amanda Ogden Interview

I had the chance to sit down with Amanda Ogden this week who graciously shared her expertise with Denver Natural Mom. She is such an amazing resource for all moms, from those planning to breastfeed to those in the throes!

Questions we asked:

  • How do we prepare to breastfeed when we are pregnant?
  • How do we know when our babies are getting enough nourishment from breastfeeding?
  • How long should we keep breastfeeding?

Top Take-aways:

  • Confidence is KEY and. Breastfeeding groups and lactation support are important so moms can see what normal feeding looks like.
  • A lot of us PERCEIVE low supply. We see how big bottles are and think that’s what a full feeding of breastmilk looks like!
  • An occasional glass of wine is OK! Don’t dump it!
  • Someone can become a physician, nurse, even a Labor and Delivery nurse, without being required to study breastfeeding. Lots of what they know and repeat is anecdotal information.

At Minute 17, I let out a big Harrumph…it’s because something Amanda said really made me think! I am totally the mom who brought her an Excel sleeping chart with weeks of data on every nap! Breastfeeding and  mothering in general are MESSY and IMPRECISE. This rocks the perfectionist in me. It also lets me give a huge sigh of relief that sometimes there are no exactly right answers and that every day, we can work at it again.

Best of all, she’s agreed to record Part II.

Info on Amanda and her work at the mama’hood can be found here and info on breastfeeding groups here.

This is the audio.

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