Why I’ll be Hiring a Bargain Hunter

Shopping (and spending money) can be emotional. And sometimes we have an emotional attachment to the clothes that end up in our closets. Maybe we got it on sale or we wore it on a day that a lot of memories were made. I can see how someone would be nervous at the prospect of a stranger rifling through their stuff, telling them what to keep and what to ditch.

I, however, was desperate for a good purge. I had reached that point where on the day I did laundry, I could barely shove the clean clothes into my dresser and also close the drawer. And then I would only wear the top four t-shirts and repeat!

So when I met Stephanie of Gelty Fashion and I learned she offered closet edits, I was ALL IN.  I wasn’t sure what to expect…would she laugh at my sweatpant collection?? Would she judge my clothes from Target?? Would anything in my closet pass muster??

The answers were NO, she didn’t laugh. NO, she didn’t judge. And most shockingly of all, YES, some of my clothes got thumbs up. And she said that I had plenty of great stuff to wear!

Stephanie says yes to this dress!

It’s really nice to hear that from an expert, especially when you stare blankly into the abyss of your closet and think to yourself, I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!

In the course of 90 minutes, we had huge piles of things to consign, things to donate and everything I was keeping was neatly hanging up.

Halfway through

Halfway through

Let me add that Stephanie turned about 32 shirts right-side-in and got everything hanging so it was facing out the same direction. (Apparently I peel off a shirt, wash it inside out and hang it back up in my closet, still inside out.)

A combo I had never put together on my own

A combo I had never & probably wouldn’t have put together on my own

And then we sat down and talked about her business and how she helps others with her fashion-savvy and obsession with getting a good deal. She said something that rang so true for me:

Moms aren’t just moms. We work, we raise families, we are spouses…what used to be part of our lives, pertaining to our wardrobes isn’t always a part of our life.

I had a past that was clear from my clothes. I used to work in an office and did a lot of business travel. I don’t do either of those things anymore and I haven’t for years! I had 12 pairs of slacks that were gathering dust. One pair had a dry cleaning tag from 2011! It was time to move on.

Here we are dishing about the psychology behind our closets:

And my other favorite soundbite: how Stephanie built her business around styling people who probably don’t live a lifestyle you might associate with a wardrobe stylist in the first place! She’s the accessible and approachable stylist!

The best part of Stephanie’s service was the recap email, listing 3 or 4 key pieces that she felt were missing from my wardrobe. For example, a pair of black jeans, a skinny belt, a jean jacket (I know, I know. Who doesn’t have a jean jacket?!) and links to each of these items, almost ALL of which were on sale!

I will definitely be calling Stephanie up again in the next few months to game plan my outfits for both a Mexico destination wedding, and a business casual conference. Her radar is so tuned in to what’s out there and where the deals are, that I’ll be outsourcing the searching for the right pieces!

If you want to hear more of our interview and learn more of Stephanie’s secrets like what are the BEST TWO MONTHS for sales, how to avoid the “rut,” and how to get Stephanie to do all the hard part of shopping for you, click below for the full audio.

Find Gelty on Facebook.

Email Stephanie here.

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