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  • Family Meal Planning

    Mom’s Ultimate Meal Planning Guide Part 1

    By Amanda Smith of Mom’s 8 Limbs Here’s The Scenario: You’re standing in front of the fridge after a long day at work staring at all the unprepared food wondering, “What the…

  • problem with food labeling

    The problem with food labeling

      There’s a Pest(icide) in my Plum By: Kodiak Soled   Business is all about marketing to the consumer. Today’s consumer not only wants to know where their food comes from, but…

  • Food

    Superfood Snacks

    Kalot Superfood Snacks: Healthy for the Entire Family Our family is obsessed with Kalot nut and fruit butters. They are all natural, have no palm fruit oil or added sugar.  And they are dairy…

  • How to choose a baby formula among so many choices
    Food, Parenting

    How To Choose a Baby Formula

    You may be thinking, what is an article about choosing a baby formula doing on a “natural mom” site?  Well, for starters, I think educating and supporting all moms is more important…

  • Food, Parenting, Wellness

    Cultivate Adventurous Eaters

    When my boy was young, I remember someone telling me that there are three things you can never “force” your child to do: eat, sleep and poop. I’ve always remembered this as sound…