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How To Choose a Baby Formula

You may be thinking, what is an article about choosing a baby formula doing on a “natural mom” site? 

Well, for starters, I think educating and supporting all moms is more important than how I feel about choosing to breastfeed. No one debates that breast is best, but I also know that motherhood is full of unexpected and out of our control circumstances. So what about supporting and helping those parents to choose the very best baby formula out there?

The reality is that there are tons of choices if you walk down the formula aisle and not a lot of great guidance about what are the right ingredients. That is until Dr. Bridget Young created her site: She is a professor of pediatric nutrition at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and a Certified Lactation Educator.  Our Q&A with her covered many of the nuances parents should consider in choosing the best baby formula available.

How To Choose a Baby Formula

Below you’ll see the question addressed and the time it’s answered in the video.

What is the most important ingredient in formula to look for? (5:50)

What is a hydrolyzed protein and why is this preferred? (9:38)

When your baby might need a new formula? (11:44)

How to transition to or switch between formulas? (14:25)

Are homemade formuals safe? (20:57)

How does the FDA regulates baby formula? (24:20)

Why organic formula is just a marketing ploy? (30:20)

“Toxic” ingredients to avoid in a baby formula (34:30)

Lactose vs. corn syrup (37:47)

Don’t forget to visit Dr. Young’s website for even more information about choosing a baby formula.

How To Choose

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