The Skinny on Skin to Skin

No one will debate that having babies is life-changing. How much they change your life is unique to each mother. Katie Halverstadt was so impacted by giving birth via emergency C-section and breastfeeding her first child that she changed career paths, pursued a new degree in nursing, and became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

By the time her second child came around, she was equipped to be skin to skin, regardless of whether the baby came via VBAC or c-section, with the first prototype of Hudlo’s signature skin to skin shirt. Now she’s traveling to Africa with the Gates Foundation, collaborating with experts from UNICEF, Save the Children and the World Health Organization, changing the global conversation about keeping moms and babies together.

I know you’ll be as impressed as I am when you spend a half hour listening to Katie.

The coolest thing about her company is that her products help *every* baby and *every* mom: full-term babies and NICU babies, moms who birth vaginally and moms who birth via c-section and adoptive moms!

Minute  0:30 — Katie’s journey and how she became a mom, nurse and business owner.

Minute 6:30 — What is SKIN to SKIN? What is Kangaroo Care? How do these concepts differ and how does it impact brain development?

Hear other benefits like stabilizing body temperature, respirations, heart rate, stress hormones.

Minute 9 — How do HudLo products facilitate skin to skin and breastfeeding, even pumping skin to skin?

Minute 14 — Nursing in a carrier means the world doesn’t have to stop while you feed your baby!

Minute 17 — The go to gift for every friend’s baby shower from here on out!

Minute 21 — Katie talks about getting HudLo products into hospitals all over CO and nationwide.

Minute 23 — How you can have a “family-centered cesarean” and Katie’s advice for any mom ready to follow a dream like she did!

Minute 25 — HudLo travels to Rwanda and spreads global awareness of skin to skin.


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