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Kalot Superfood Snacks: Healthy for the Entire Family

Almond_CCCOur family is obsessed with Kalot nut and fruit butters. They are all natural, have no palm fruit oil or added sugar.  And they are dairy free and gluten free. We were lucky to get these superfood snack ideas from Kalot creator Jessica Weiswasser, M.A., a nutritionist who lives in Colorado.
If one of your resolutions is to eat healthier in 2016, try these amazing sweet treats that will make sure you aren’t feeling deprived this new year. Not only are these recipes delicious but they are so simple, all you need is 2 ingredients!

Non-dairy Frozen Dessert

The combination of the frozen bananas and Kalot gives you an unforgettable creamy and nutty taste experence. This non dairy frozen dessert is as good and as satisfying as ice cream and its healthy for you! If you are craving something sweet and a little bit different then your traditional morning smoothie, go ahead and enjoy this healthy indulgence.

Makes two servings.

Take two over ripe frozen bananas and 2 spoonfuls of KALOT DARK CHOCOLATE COCONUT for a tropical inspired dessert.

Craving something sweet for breakfast or afternoon pick me up? Replace the dark chocolate coconut with the ESPRESSO HAZELNUT.

Can you believe per serving you are getting 25% of Recommended Daily Value of Vitamins plus your daily boost of essential mineral, phytonutrients, antioxidants and electrolytes? Your kids will be begging for more!


Dark Chocolate Coconut Freezer Fudge: topped with fresh raspberries 

Melt 3 TB of coconut oil and whisk in 6 TB of Dark Chocolate Coconut. Pour mixture into glass then place in freezer for at least an hour. Top with fresh raspberries or sliced strawberries!

Frozen Banana Bites:

Cut a large banana lengthwise. Spread a layer of KALOT Dark Chocolate Coconut or Espresso Hazelnut. 2 TB provides this snack with 50% of the recommended daily value of vitamins per serving! Cut into bite size pieces and stick in the freezer.

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Dark Chocolate Coconut Stuffed Strawberries

Pull the stem off the strawberry, then remove the core with a melon baller. Stuff with KALOT Dark Chocolate Coconut and serve with Vanilla Greek Yogurt which makes for a nutritious whip cream substitute.

Where to find it: Online and at many groceries store across the country such as King Soopers, Whole Foods and Sprouts. 


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