The Reasons Why

Survey Says…

It was so helpful to hear from you exactly where you are in your parenting journey and what you want from this community.

Keeping up my transparency, I thought I would share some of the results. Here’s the ages of your kids….(I know where I’m coming for advice with my toddler!)

Here is what you’re interested in:

These are the kinds of events you want:

And this was really interesting. This is where you want to engage:

So here’s what you can look forward to:

  • The next expo will not focus on any one stage of parent. All will be welcome and encouraged to attend.
  • Look for events to be hosted on the South side of town! (In fact, if this is your neighborhood and you would like to get some moms together, let’s make it happen! I would love to hear from you!)
  • More ways to engage online! So we can all hang out from the comfort of our own homes, regardless of what our family’s schedule looks like!

I would love to keep the conversation going if you didn’t share your feedback yet or if you have more to say! And if you have a lot to say, I am always looking for guest posts!

Congrats to these three moms who win $10 worth of Starbucks using my extremely precise random number generator: Linnea G., Cherie M., and Kimberly K.!

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