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10 Images that Show the True Beauty of Birth, and Why You Should Hire a Birth Photographer

Guest Post by Jennifer Mason. You can find more of Jennifer’s work on her website,

Birth photography is becoming a growing trend in recent years, and for good reason! It’s the documenting of your child’s birth story and one of the most incredible days in a family’s life. As a birth photographer, I get to witness the strength of a mother, the support of a partner, and the miracle of life when I go to work each day. Here are some of my favorite images that show how beautiful birth photography is, and a little bit about the photos.

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  1. This couple called me the morning that mom went into labor, and hired me over the phone an hour before they drove to the birth center. When I arrived, they were embracing each other in one of the most beautiful labor dances I’ve ever seen. Dad held mom with such intensity and love, as she worked to bring their third baby into the world.Why You Should Hire a Birth Photographer
  2. During every birth, I see the inner strength of a woman. I watch her as she is pushed to her limit, and then beyond. This mama has two babies in heaven, so bringing their daughter earth side and holding her for the first time was truly a moment of pure joy.  Why You Should Hire a Birth Photographer
  3. Imagine being able to show your child the moment she met her big sister for the very first time. Big sister was thrilled to get into the birth tub with her mom; she helped to catch her sister along with grandma (and her midwife). Here are three generations of women, welcoming the next little girl into the family.Why You Should Hire a Birth Photographer
  4. There is joy and relief in the moment of birth. This mom had a fast labor, and wasn’t able to fill up her birth tub, so she gave birth in her bathtub. Now, she’ll be able to wash her baby in the same space where he took his first breathe, as she tells him the story of his birth.Why You Should Hire a Birth Photographer
  5. I was in awe of this mother as she pushed her baby earthside. She continued to smile and talk to her daughter, as she brought her down and out into the water, as her husband and their midwife caught their first baby. She was joyful throughout every part of the process. Birth can really be this way! Why You Should Hire a Birth Photographer
  6. This face. Seriously. This face. Eyes locked onto mama because only she would do. This is a moment that an iPhone photo just can’t do justice. And imagine showing her this photo when she is older! Why You Should Hire a Birth Photographer
  7. There is a moment at each birth, where dad/partner gives a look of gratitude for the gift that they are being given. It’s such an intensely emotional moment and it’s capturing true thankfulness and joy on camera. Why You Should Hire a Birth Photographer
  8. Sometimes birth doesn’t go as planned. Having the camera capture, what mom’s eyes can’t see or feel, helps her to see how she gave birth to her baby. Or in this case, to her babies (twins!). As a c-section mama myself, these moments are even more special for me to capture.Why You Should Hire a Birth Photographer
  9. This little guy was right by his mother’s side as she worked through contractions, he would put his hand gently on her back to give support. At one point, he had on gloves and was ready to catch his sister. And then there’s that umbilical cord, stunning!Why You Should Hire a Birth Photographer
  10. The moment your baby latches for the first time starts you on a breastfeeding journey. I’ve had moms frame their first latch photos because they were so important to them. And feeding your baby with love is such a beautiful thing, no matter how you nourish them.

These are just a few photos that capture the joyous experience of birth. Each time I am welcomed into a family’s birthing space, I feel blessed to do what I do. Which photo is your favorite?

 Birth photography is a rapidly growing field as more families choose to invite photographers into this sacred space and learning how to professionally document these moments is becoming more popular.   If you want to learn more about birth photography and how to launch your birth photography career, take a few minutes to check out the Birth Becomes Her toolkit.  It will provide new and experienced photographers with everything needed to begin your birth photography career.

10 Images That Show The True Beauty of Birth

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